how did you get started blogging?
I studied magazine journalism, design, and English in college, so I've always loved writing and being visual. Giving sound advice is something I pride myself on, whether it's a recipe, good book, or new shampoo. Combining these with photography and developing a personal brand/online voice seemed natural. I got started in January 2015.

where else can i find you on the internet?
Find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat (morgandeboest).

what is your day job?
I have the privilege of working as the brand designer for I love love love my job and am so lucky to have interned at Meredith Corporation throughout college—I wouldn't be where I am now without that experience!

what do you shoot with?
Most of the time, I shoot with my iPhone 7 Plus and edit in VSCOcam. Occasionally, I'll shoot with my Nikon D5200—but I make a lot of these recipes on the fly, and the iPhone works better in those instances.

what do you do outside of work?
When I'm not at work, you'll find me exploring Des Moines' culinary scene, cooking, reading, binging lots of Netflix, going to concerts all around the midwest, and hanging at home with my boyfriend and puppy.

what is your cooking space like?
I recently moved into a house with a full-size range, dishwasher, and LOTS of beautiful granite counter space! I used to be in a tiny galley kitchen, but that didn't stop me from cooking. It's all about editing and reworking until you find an organization style that works.

so are you a vegetarian? or...
I really don't eat much meat. Mostly, I identify as a pescatarian, because I loooove salmon, oysters, white fish, and tuna. But I do appreciate bacon and sometimes find myself with a major cheeseburger craving. It depends. And if I'm traveling, I try to abandon my "preferences" so that I can get the full culinary experience.

do you buy everything you feature on sunny side up or is it gifted to you?
A bit of both. I do write a lot about products I spent my own money on, because Sunny Side Up is supposed to be advice-oriented and I want to share ALL THE GOOD THINGS with you. If a product has been sent for my consideration or gifted to me, you'll see that information at the bottom of that post.